Multimodal Service

Flexible Integrated Multi-Modal Logistic Solution With Speedy Transit Times

Your Savior in times of Production failures and delays.

ECU WORLDWIDE Multimodal is the combination of two different transport modes, i.e. Ocean and air.
In other words, our Ocean-Air or Air-Ocean model provides a shorter transit time than pure a Sea Freight service and is way more cost effective than a pure Air Freight service.

With ECU Worldwide Multimodal Service you will get

  • Shorter transit times than an Ocean Freight service
  • Cheaper freight rates when compared to an Air Freight service
  • Round the clock customer service
  • Prior bookings on aircrafts
  • Assurance of not missing any delivery deadline

So next time when you have a production delay, or can’t seem to get the products ready within the scheduled date, do not lose hope as ECU WORLDWIDE Multimodal there for you.