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Our History

ECU became functional in Pakistan 1989 with the arrival of its first import containers, export commenced in 1995. The company was born out of a joint cooperation between the ECU group and the management of its old agent. The company operates from its head office at Bahria Complex-III, Karachi and maintains upcountry branches. The operations are run by skilled manpower dedicated to providing a reliable and efficient international LCL freight management system. The company has a global tracing & tracking system ensuring a first class service to its clients and associates.

Regional Distribution
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Conscientious Approach
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Innumerable Destinations
  • Nature uses instinct & sensory radars to guide millions of birds across the earths hemispheres and to guide herds of animals in their migration across vast bush lands. We at ECU WORLDWIDE have learned the importance of communication and networking from these patterns in nature. Communications is the key word at ECU WORLDWIDE. Super fast and efficient round the clock communication between the carious offices with a constant data flow on the position of freight results in availability of vital data to shippers or consignees. Computer systems with satellite connections and network accesses enable ECU WORLDWIDE companies to keep playing an effective role.

  • ECU operates according to the hub principle: hubs on the five continents enable ECU WORLDWIDE to offer the fastest and the most cost effective transport modes for different types of freight, point to point full service, in compliance with agreed deadlines & budgets. ECU WORLDWIDE'S power is drawn from its extremely effective global tracking and tracing system, providing accurate information on each cargo 24 hours a day.

  • ECU is a leading operator of international groupage services. From its global headquarters in Antwerp, one of the main ports on the European continent, the company supervises a worldwide network of offices. It is through this international network that the group controls all facets of freight movement anywhere in the world. The ECU WORLDWIDE group of companies guarantees quality. Its WORLDWIDE network of offices ensures direct and close ties with the country involved and therefore a profound knowledge of the local requirements and rules in force. Furthermore, some companies of the ECU WORLDWIDE Group have a separate division for each destination offering clients the experience and knowhow of specialists on current affairs and formalities regarding each specific region.

  • From these basic tenets, all our other philosophies spring. We are pioneering while we are extending the list of destinations that we serve, we are innovative while we are travelling far and wide to explore new possibilities for routes, destinations and methods, we strive to offer our clients value for money and aim at economy whilst maintaining quality and efficiency, with ECU WORLDWIDE your freight remains in competent hands, from pick up to delivery. We care for the cargoes that are entrusted to us.

  • All the above mentioned additional services and advantages result in a perfect quality/price ratio, notwithstanding their costs. By continually increasing the volume and operating extremely efficiently, we can offer competitive prices. And our customers know it.

  • Our global network guarantees optimal conditions for transport for our worldwide customers to destinations around the world. The diversity of our destinations is continuously being expanded to serve our customer.